Free eBook – Android Development for Human Beings

Android App Development Ebook Cover

Grab our new ebook Android Development for Human Beings and learn to build impressive Android apps using Material Design. Book author Mohit Deshpande is an app developer (Android and iOS) and computer scientist who current does research in AI and computer vision at the Ohio State University. This book includes 17 chapters that cover basic … Read more

Advanced Android App Development – From Padawan to Jedi

Advanced Android App Development – From Padawan to Jedi

Save your most valuable asset – time! Learn how to completely design and develop an production ready Android app, start to finish. We will start at the beginning where all apps start, with an idea. We will design our app using Google’s Material Design. Material Design makes more liberal use of grid-based layouts, responsive animations and transitions, … Read more

The Complete Android Marshmallow Development Course

The Complete Android Marshmallow Development Course

Yes, you can learn to code in Java while making Android M phone and wearable apps. Learn to create Android M (Marshmallow) apps from scratch using Java. Don’t know Java? No problem as the first module in this course is a Java introductory course for total beginners. Already know Java? Then use the module as … Read more

Beginners Guide to Material Design

In this post, we’re going to learn all about Google’s design philosophy dubbed Material Design. We’re going to cover some of the fundamental concepts behind Material Design and will later learn how to realized our design. We’ll be discussing just some of the basics behind the essence of Material Design, like elevation, colors, and layouts. Note that we’ll only … Read more

How to Create Lists using RecyclerView

In this post, we’re going to look at the newer RecyclerView to build more complicated lists and list items. RecyclerView was a recently added UI item that gave developers fine-grain control and power over their lists or grids. However, as we’ll find out, that great power comes with great responsibility. RecyclerView doesn’t provide much of the basic functionality that ListView … Read more

Basic UI Widgets – TextViews, EditTexts, and Buttons

Hello World! In this post, we’re going to be going in-depth into several of the most common UI elements that we’ll encounter in Android: TextViews, EditTexts, and Buttons. We’ll be looking into their properties and some of Java’s language features like anonymous inner classes. TextView The simplest way to show the user text is through the TextView … Read more