Web Class: Installing Android Studio

Web Class: Installing Android Studio

You can access the full course here: Intro to Java for Android Development

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Here I am on a Mac, and if you go to developer.android.com and look for Android Studio, it’s usually here at the top. Go ahead and select that, and here, you’ll want to download Android Studio for Mac. You’ll accept the agreement and choose download. Now, it is a large file, and it may take a few minutes to download. Once that finishes, go ahead and double click to open the install file.

And from here, you will drag and drop onto your Applications folder. And if you had an older version, you’d go ahead and replace it with the newer version. After that’s finished copying, you can go ahead and launch the application from your Applications folder. If you had a previous version, you can import those settings or go ahead and choose a clean install. Once that launches, it may prompt you for a setup wizard, which allows you to set up and choose your preferences. I’ll go with Standard, go with the Light theme and finish.

At this point, it will download additional required files and get everything you need in order to do Android development. It may ask for some additional permissions, and then once that’s complete, you’ll be presented with the main launch screen. From here, if you want to open the completed project, you would choose Open an existing Android Studio project. After having downloaded the files, you’ll want to unzip them and select the MyFirstApp folder and choose Open.

And from here, you have everything you need to get started with our course.

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To get started, you first need to download Android Studio. If you go to your developer.android.com, and from here, you’ll usually find a reference to Android Studio, and in this instance, it’s here at the top. Go ahead and select Android Studio, and from here, you’ll go ahead and download the application. From there, you’ll agree to any requirements and press download.

Once that’s finished downloading, go ahead and double-click to launch the installer. If you have a previous version, it will go ahead and uninstall it for you. You can choose next. You can confirm if you’re okay to uninstall it. We’ll go ahead and continue, and we do want to make sure that Android virtual device is selected and choose next. Then confirm, and we can create a shortcut and choose install. Once that’s completed, go ahead and choose next, and you can go ahead and launch Android Studio for the first time.

With Android Studio installed, you’re ready for the rest of the course. If you’d like to take a look at the completed project source code, once you’ve downloaded the source code and unzipped it, you can choose open an existing Android Studio project. From here, navigate to where it is opened, and select the folder. In this case, it’s called My First App, so select folder and choose OK. From here, it’s going to open the project and begin and try to compile it.

If there are any dependencies or libraries or things that are not available within your installation, you may find that Android Studio will download a number of additional files, and that may take a few minutes before it’s ready to be run.

Interested in continuing? Check out the full Intro to Java for Android Development course, which is part of our Android Development Mini-Degree.

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